Steel Pre-Processing for Steel Fabrication
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In House Steel Services

With over 100 years combined experience, Guntert Steel’s Inside Sales and Estimating Team takes pride in its ability to offer many value added services such as computer aided drafting, flat layout, design and material selection.  Its Outside Sales Staff comes prepared to discuss various customer needs and requirements in addition to their ability to field measure.

Matching these services with state of the art equipment and exclusive processing capabilities, Guntert Steel has the ability to shear and form to 20’ long, roll to 12’ wide, laser & plasma cut up to 1” thick, and flame cut cut up to 6” plate. Add in a full service machine shop rounded off with a fleet of trucks for delivery enables Guntert Steel to provide a complete range of services to its customers under one roof.

INHouse PreProcessing Services Initiative

Guntert Steel is constantly updating its pre-processing tools and capabilities to offer customers the latest in technology and reduce the time from order to fulfillment. Its INHouse initiative promises a commitment to further the acquisition of in house tools and equipment to better service customers needs and eliminate the need for outside services.

With the proper tools in house, Guntert Steel believes it can better manage quality, cycle time, and customer satisfaction. Guntert Steel welcomes customers to take advantage of its INHouse laser cutting, forming, shearing, saw cutting, plasma cutting, and distribution.

Steel Drafting and Layout for Fabrication

Service Description
Drafting Computer aided and manual
Flat Layout Hoppers, Transitions, Reducers
Part Nesting  

PreProcessing for Fabrication

Process Maximum Capacity
Saw Cutting 21" x 25" vertical (60deg. miter)
Iron Worker / Punch 80 ton
Shearing 3/4" x 240"
Laser Cutting
Plasma Cutting
Oxy / Fuel Cutting
1" x 60" x 120"
3/4" x 96" x 240"
6 - Cutting Heads // 120" x 480"
Plate Rolling 3/4" x 144"
Angle Rolling 4" x 4" x 1/2"
Machining Full Service // Large Capacities
Welding Mild Steel // Stainless Steel // Aluminum
Finishing Media Blasting // Painting